TimeSvr - Virtual Administrative Assistant

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Save time.
Get Things Done 123.
TimeSvr is for busy people, who like saving time everyday..

Your Best Purchase Is Your Time

TimeSvr provides assistance to any person who has a digital process to outsource. It could be a datasheet that needs filling, a reminder that needs to be given or a call that needs to be placed. TimeSvr puts the power of the internet behind your tasks to do all sorts of work for you.

Easy to Use

Choose the right plan. With basic tasks you can get objectives less than 15 minutes completed. With dedicated hours you can get time consuming projects done. With the Business plan you can hire a TimeSvr VA and train them for any role your business needs.

Privacy Controls

Automate processes and delegate them, you finally have a service that focuses on doing things that help you expand your business. Prioritize the important things and delegate everything else. Keep your tasks lean, unambiguous and simple to get more done in your day. Your web assistant can power up your life.

timesvr personal timesvr dedicated

Personal webAssistant

  • Basic tasks for ~$2/day
  • Free Trial for a day
  • No holidays or breaks, we're live 24/7

TimeSvr Personal webAssistant is an "on demand" assistant specializing in basic tasks based on the crowdsourcing model. It just makes your life easy at almost no cost.

  • Top quality work
  • Super fast response times
  • Secure access from anywhere in the world
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TimeSvr Dedicated Support

  • Give your business the boost it needs
  • Best investment you'll ever make
  • All your work done by a trained Business Assistant
  • Buy Monthly or Hourly support

TimeSvr Dedicated offers clients the satisfaction of "hiring" their own off-shore assistant.

  • On-Demand Business Assistance
  • Top rated service in the valley
  • 4 years of servicing start-ups & companies
  • Get higher customer satisfaction and quicker responses to queries
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